TV/Radio Interference

The radio and television are entertainment centers in most homes today. The TV brings us news, comedy, educational programs, drama and sports. The radio provides non-stop music, sports or talk shows. When external or internal sources interfere with broadcast signals it can be an inconvenience, to say the least. TV and radio interference can be prevented in almost every case.

Radio or TV interference occurs when a high frequency signal distorts the incoming signal to the cable or antenna input of televisions and radios. Cordless telephones fit into this category too.

Most everyone has experienced watching TV when someone in the kitchen started using a blender or mixer. The TV screen became "snowy" and the audio portion developed static. This particular problem is pretty easy to identify. When a commonly used appliance generates electrical noise that interferes with the TV or radio, it's easy to match the cause with the problem. Unfortunately many of the things that can cause electrical noise are quiet and out of sight.

Actually, almost anything that uses electricity can cause the electrical noise that produces symptoms of audio or video distortion - or as most people call it - interference. This is especially true of equipment that arcs when it uses electricity.

The sources for interference can come from inside your home. It can arise out of certain environmental conditions. Finally, interference can be caused by activities in your neighbor's home or somewhere in the electric utility's system.