Residential Information

Today more than ever, the world depends upon microprocessor-controlled equipment. Your home and workplace are filled with all kinds of electronics that make today's lifestyle and work environment very different than it was just 20 years ago. Whether you're typing a letter at work or programming your microwave at home, the quality of electric power is critical.

You enjoy conveniences in your home that seemed like science fiction just 20 years ago. VCRs, remote control television, CD players and even home computers. While all of these items add to your quality of life, they can be a little frustrating to deal with when you experience problems with your power service.

As we begin to explore ways to protect your home equipment from damage and other power quality problems, it may surprise you that the approach is similar to the one used by your doctor to diagnose an ailment. Just as your doctor looks for symptoms of an ailment, you can look for symptoms of poor power quality.

Most power quality problems show a unique set of symptoms which will help identify the cause and sometimes the location of the problem. Once you've tied the symptom to a source, you're well on your way to solving the problem.