Data Protection

To home computers, digital clocks and VCRs, one second without power seems like the end of the world. When the power goes out, unless the system has some sort of back-up device, the unit will lose its memory resulting in the common problem of eternal mid-night or the blinking twelve. If the unit is a VCR or computer, programs and data can be lost. To prevent this problem, look for clocks and VCRs with built-in battery back-up. It won't keep the unit operating during a power outage, but it will preserve the memory and settings.

To prevent data loss with your home computer, consider purchasing a stand-by power supply or SPS. The SPS will provide at least a few minutes of back-up power to get you through the momentary power disturbance. Aftermarket battery back-up systems will often cost more than a new clock or VCR, therefore they aren't recommended for these applications. Remember, most internal or external battery back-up won't prevent your equipment from being damaged by surges. Surge protection calls for a surge protection system.