Audit Initial Inquiry

Power quality audits should be performed in four distinct phases:

  1. Pre-call inquiry,
  2. On-site investigation and review,
  3. Analysis, diagnosis and resolution determination and reporting, and
  4. Audit follow-up.

Prior to visiting the site, the investigator should contact the customer for a pre-call inquiry, and ask a series of questions. Frequently, power quality problems can be solved without a site visit or expensive and time-consuming monitoring. The auditor should gather the following information:

  • Company and customer name,
  • Address,
  • Phone number(s),
  • Contact name (if different from callee's name),
  • Description of problem(s) encountered, i.e. Interruptions, equipment tripping, data loss, damage to certain equipment,
  • Frequency and timing, e.g. Time of day, day of week/month, date(s) of occurrence,
  • Equipment and operation affected,
  • Impact on the customer,
  • Power problem mitigation equipment presently in use,
  • Available current facility wiring diagrams,

Schedule a site visit if warranted - consider that power to some circuits may have to be interrupted during the visit, so it may have to be scheduled during non-business hours for the convenience of the customer. Be sure to schedule an electrician if the problem warrants.

The auditor should then create a paper file for the customer with the responses to the pre-call inquiry. This folder should be well organized and retained in an easy-to-access location. All customer audit folders should contain the same information and in the same order.