Audit Do's and Don'ts For The Power Quality Expert

For the power quality expert, the auditing process may be as simple as asking and/or answering a few questions in a phone conversation and then finding and suggesting appropriate actions to resolve problems. It may be extremely complicated and time consuming. Either way, here are a few Do's and Don'ts:


  • Know that most operating problems can be solved. The situation isn't hopeless.
  • Use language (written and spoken) that the layman can understand.
  • Get help from other power quality experts when you encounter unfamiliar problems.
  • Review your recommendations with others whenever possible.
  • Follow-up. Be sure problems are resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
  • Provide specific action steps required to solve the power quality problems.

  • Don't ever blame anyone. Even though most problems are caused within the facility, the audit process should focus on diagnosis and resolution rather than finding fault.
  • Don't suggest that the utility will re-build or re-structure any of the utility's electric feeds to the customer facilities to resolve problems unless you are absolutely certain that this will take place. Be sure utility work will be completed in a time-frame acceptable to the customer.
  • Don't solve a $100 problem with a $1,000 solution.
  • Don't overload the customer with everything you know about power quality and problem mitigation.
  • Don't tell the customer to look in the Yellow Pages to find help. Remember, most customers know far less about this subject than you.