Lawn Care

Cordless electric lawn mowers are revolutionizing the way homeowners care for their lawns. Most can remember at some time being awakened on a weekend morning by the roar of a neighbor's gasoline-powered lawn mower. While electric mowers offer the advantage of quiet operation, (they make about half the noise of a gasoline engine) until now they required a cumbersome cord. Cordless electric lawn mowers offer the advantages of electric mowers, without the drawbacks. They are easy to use and powerful enough to handle lawns of up to a quarter acre.

Electric units start by simply squeezing the hand grip and pushing a button, rather than yanking a pull cord. The combination of precision engineering and an efficient 12 volt battery allow for approximately 1 hour running time on a single charge. The battery can recharge to 75 percent of its capacity in 3 to 5 hours and fully charges in 16 to 20 hours. Recharging is easy. Simply connect it to an electric outlet. The cost of a recharge is about a penny a day, so you can leave the mower on charge all summer and it will be ready when you are. Cordless mowers are virtually maintenance free.

Compared to the cost of keeping a gasoline mower fueled and in working order, these electric mowers can be real money savers. Batteries have average lives of 5 to 7 years and are recyclable. Replacement is easy and costs about as much as a car battery.

With zero emissions, electric mowers help prevent air pollution. A gasoline powered lawn mower running for 30 minutes creates more air pollution than driving a car 200 miles.

In addition, they free you of all the hassles and hazards of gasoline and oil.

New mowers also offer mulching, a feature homeowners and municipalities are learning is important to protect the environment. Mulching can keep millions of pounds of yard waste out of land fills and keeps lawns trim and healthy in one smooth operation. Several cordless electric mowers offer the flexibility of three operating modes: mulching, side-discharge and side-bagger.

Some manufacturers are so sure homeowners will like their new products, they are offering a 30-day, no-risk tryout. Electric cordless lawn mowers are quiet, powerful, convenient to use, require little maintenance, and are environmentally sound additions to an energy-efficient lifestyle.