Outdoor Safety Rules


  • Never play near substations, transmission lines, or power lines, and never climb trees near these lines. Smart boaters and airplane pilots steer clear of transmission and power lines, and so should you.
  • Make sure you never use a ladder or place a TV antenna or satellite dish near power lines
  • If you see a power line that has fallen, STAY AWAY! Call the police or the power company right away. If a power line has fallen on or near your car, stay in the car until help arrives. Tell others that may want to help to stay away and call for help.

    If you must leave the car because of fire or any other danger, you must JUMP as far as you can with both feet together. Electricity can travel through the ground from the line. The voltage decreases the farther away you are, so if one foot is in a higher voltage zone than the other, you could become a conductor for electricity. That's why you should shuffle or roll away. Don't ever touch the ground and the car at the same time. That would make you the path to the ground and you will get hurt.

  • Don't fly kites near power lines or in bad weather. Electricity or lightning could travel right down the string and through you in order to get to the ground. Never use wire or any metal object on your kite - they conduct electricity.
  • Don't stay in a swimming pool, or lake, or around trees, or power poles in bad weather. You could get struck by lightning. Seek indoor shelter immediately in a lightning storm.
  • Always keep radios and other electrical appliances at least 10 feet away from a swimming area. If water splashes on them, they can conduct electricity through the water. Don't touch or go near these appliances when you are wet or standing in water.
  • Make sure you are using an approved outdoor electrical cord or extension cord.
  • Never use electric power tools outside around water or in the rain. If someone is using an electric mower or hedge trimmer, make sure you're not watering the lawn or washing your car at the same time. Even insulators on power cords don't always work when wet.
  • Never touch electrical machinery like a vending machine if you're standing in a puddle of water or in the rain.
  • Never touch electric wires or switches if they are wet.
  • Don't fool with meters or other electrical equipment around buildings.
  • Wire fences around some buildings and fields may be electrified to protect buildings, animals, or crops. If you touch the wire, you may get a jolt.
  • Always stay clear of anything that says “DANGER,” "HIGH VOLTAGE," “NATURAL GAS,” “PROPANE,” or “FLAMMABLE.”
  • Don't play around near propane or gas tanks.
  • If you hear propane leaking from a tank or smell gas (propane has the same rotten-egg smell added), move away immediately and tell an adult.
  • Make sure you "Call Before You Dig" - dial 811 before digging in your yard to have a locator come out and mark the location of underground dangers. There could be gas lines and electrical lines running underground.