Trees to the Rescue

Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and store it in their leaves and tissues. Therefore, planting trees can help clean carbon dioxide from our air.

While this is a pretty low-tech way of approaching the problem, it has a high-tech sounding name:

carbon sequestration
(pronounced: se-ques-tration).

This is an easy way for you to be part of improving our environment, just by planting a tree!

Besides planting new trees, can you think of ways your actions might save a tree from being cut down?

Which of these could save a tree?

  • Reusing grocery bags rather than getting new paper ones each time you shop.
  • Using the front and back side of your notebook paper.
  • Buying products made of recycled paper.
  • Taking your old newspapers and phone books to a recycling center.

Did you say they all could? If you did, you are correct. Each of these are examples of how simple actions on our part can reduce the need to cut down a tree and help the environment.