Shrinking Footprints


Simple actions we all can take every day will help reduce our carbon footprint. Here are some ways you can help:

    • Plant a garden or some trees! Plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and soil, and this helps keep our air cleaner.

    • Turn things off when they are not being used. Of course, that means lights, but it also means video games, computers, televisions, and radios, even your phone and tablet chargers. The chargers use energy even when your phone or tablet is not plugged into them. Place electronics on power strips for an easy way to turn them on and off.

    • Drink your own tap water instead of purchasing water from other places. Bottled water must be transported, which usually burns gasoline. It also requires plastic containers, which are piling up in our landfills. If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, use a faucet filter or filtering pitcher - and you can add some flavor products or fresh fruits

    • LED lightbulbs use less energy than incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs and provide the same amount of light. They also last up to 10 times longer or more. Look for places where a trade can be made and suggest it to whomever buys the light bulbs at your house.

    • Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum cans, glass, even old electronics -- whatever your community makes available.

    • Ride a bike or share a ride. Use a hybrid or electric vehicle. Using energy efficient forms of transportation cuts down on gasoline consumption.

    • On a sunny day, turn down the heat and open blinds and curtains to let the sun shine in and warm up the room.

    • On a cooler day, turn off the AC and open the windows for some fresh air!

    • Line-dry your clothes on a sunny day. One dryer load uses 5 times more electricity than a washing machine – that equivalent to turning on 225 light bulbs for one hour!

    • Don't peek in the oven while baking! Every time you peek, the temperature drops 25°F, making your oven use more energy to bring the temperature back up.

    • Use solar lights outdoors. Solar lights are becoming even more popular, and not just for walkways. Solar lights are available for security lighting, deck posts, light posts, and more!