Cables & Cords

Wire Insulation Picture In the early days, it was necessary to run individual wires from a main box to every place that it was needed. Today, we have wiring cables packaged for every conceivable residential or commercial need. It is now possible to wire and entire house using what is called cabling, which is merely having two or three individually insulated wires inside another insulation package, usually made of inexpensive plastic. The wires can be solid or stranded. This permits an electrician to run one cable containing all the wire needed for a particular circuit in one package. The outer packaging is designed only to keep the wires together and is not meant to be flexed once it has been installed.

Drill Cord Picture Cords are similar to cables except cords are always made of stranded conductors and are designed to be flexed and bent. Cords are designed for use on power tools, large stationary equipment, or detachable computer power cords. The operating environment determines the wire sizes and the protective outer covering.