The two primary form factors for cooktops are those that are integral to the kitchen range and independent units that install in a countertop and are used in conjunction with built-in ovens. As with ovens, cooktops can be gas or electric.

Gas cooktops are preferred by some who say it gives them better control of the cooking process. Others say they like the fact that when you turn it on, it is on, and when you turn it off, the heat source goes away, unlike electric units where heat remains long after the energy is switched off. With gas, it is important to run the ventilation fan to remove the byproducts of combustion from the home along with cooking vapors.

Electric Cooktops

When it comes to electric cooktops, there are a several options to choose from. Some offer better cooking control, more efficient operation, and a high-tech look to the kitchen. The following table lists the current options and some of their benefits: