A hand Iron consumes as much energy as ten 100-wattlight bulbs. Here are several ways to increase Ironing efficiency:

  • You can virtually eliminate ironing by buying no iron sheets and clothing. Use your washer/dryer's permanent-press cycle.
  • Remove clothing promptly from the dryer and hang it carefully to reduce the chore to just a touch-up.
  • Iron large amounts of clothing at one time, beginning with low- temperature fabrics. You will reduce warm - up time and get the job done sooner.
  • Prevent scorching and energy waste by not overheating the iron.
  • Steam often removes wrinkles. Hang your clothes in the bathroom while you bathe and shower.
  • Fold and smooth out sheets and pillowcases on top of the warm dryer to avoid ironing them.
  • Be sure to turn off the iron when interrupted and when finished.