Surge Protection - Computers

Home computers for managing the household, business, or pleasure can be found in more than 78 percent of American households. However, unless the system is properly protected, hardware can be destroyed and data disappear in the blink of an eye.

Computers need two types of protection: Surge Protection and Battery Back-up. Surge protectors prevent the hardware from being damaged, while battery back-ups protect against data loss during momentary power outages.

The central processing unit of the computer is likely to be connected to various peripherals such as a printer, modem, CD-ROM, external hard drive and a monitor. All of this equipment should be protected as well.

To prevent data loss, consider purchasing a Stand-by Power Supply (SPS). The SPS will provide at least a few minutes of back-up power to get you through the momentary blips; or, in the event of a prolonged outage, give you time to shut down your system safely.

Aftermarket battery back-up systems that add on to equipment often cost more than a new clock or DVD player, and therefore are not recommended for these applications.